All programs listed below are CERTIFYING Classes*

* CERTIFYING CLASSES means that participants will be able to certify to the next level at the conclusion of the session by passing tests used to measure their knowledge of the Life Skills, Golf Terms, Golf Rules, and Golf Skills that were covered during the session.

A Kid Friendly Golf Experience right here in Pittsburgh

Registration opens Monday, August 2, 2021

Hey parents, First Tee depends on volunteer coaches to assist our trained Lead Coaches.  If you plan to be there with your participant anyway, why not help out?

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Schedule/Page updated 7/22/2021

If you are not sure of your participant’s current level, please contact the Program Manager for your area.

For North Park and Mars-Bethel, email Coach Leslie Russell at lrusse[email protected]

For Pleasant Ridge, Butler, email Coach Rio Hawkins at [email protected]

For South Park and Victory Hills, email Coach Jeff Lebedda at [email protected]

For the Bob at Schenley Park and 3 Lakes, email Coach Aaron Lindauer at [email protected]

For Beaver Falls, email Coach Mitchell Pulleo at [email protected]